Why you should visit Hanoi instead of Singapore

Why you should visit Hanoi instead of Singapore

Traveling is like reading books. If you travel throughout your country, it means you are reading different pages in one book. Traveling abroad likes reading another book.

Hanoi and Singapore are two capital cities in South East Asia. Singapore can be famous for its buildings, shopping malls, cleanness but if you really want to read a different interesting book, you should visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Why? Here are the reasons:

Hanoi is prominent in history and culture

Hanoi is  №4 in Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards in 2015 all over the world according to Tripadvisor. As a prominent cultural and historical city, visiting Hanoi can help open your eyes to new culture and old history. Wonderful stories about its history of building and protecting the city and the country; the manners and customs of the national character are what you can feel when visiting Hanoi. Hanoians can tell you their own story of memories about Hanoi in all days without the ending, let you listen to some songs about Hanoi to know how people in Hanoi love this city. “Wherever we go, we will remember Hanoi from the bottom of our heart” is the content of the famous song “Remember about Hanoi”.

Hanoi food is flavorful

Vietnamese food is very distinct, delicious with good price and can be the highlight of the visit. Each region in Vietnam has the specific taste. Hanoi is well-known for its simple but exquisite food and you can enjoy it easily every corner in Hanoi. With only 20$, you can enjoy many kinds of food in Hanoi. Never worry about money when eating in Hanoi is wonderful, does it?

Beautiful sights

There are a number of historical and beautiful places to visit in Hanoi. Hanoi is probably the most charming capital city in Asia with tree-lined avenues, elegant French villas and colonial-era buildings. The antique beauty of Hanoi can make any visitors inspired.

Comfortable feeling

You can do anythings you like in Hanoi. There aren’t many fines like in Singapore. You can enjoy Hanoi on your own in your budget. If you want a cheap holiday, there are a lot of choice for you but if you like the high-class trip, there are a lot of things to do in Hanoi, too.