A tour to visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter in one day

A tour to visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter in one day

If you don’t know the what to do in Hanoi Old Quarter from your hotel in detail, follow the guide below. From the hotel you are in, you can walk to the places near you most, do not necessarily have to follow this schedule. This is only a suggested schedule if you like you can take a taxi or cyclo to the beginning and so go on schedule

Transportation: walk or bike

8:00 am: Move to Dong Xuan Lane in Hang Chieu Street. Here you can have breakfast dishes like Bun Oc, Bun Rieu, Pho, etc.

8:30 am: Visit Dong Xuan Market that is located next to it, you may ask the local people how to tour around the market. You don’t need to visit all corner, just the 1st floor is enough

9:00 am: Keep walking to O Quan Chuong, take picture and enjoy the view

9.30 am: Continue to Bach Ma Temple. If after going around, it’s 11 am(because you started late), then you can have lunch with Bun Cha Hang Buom

10h15 am: Continue crossing the street to visit the ancient house at 87 Ma May. Remember to prepare 10,000VND for the entrance ticket. Then if you feel tired, visit a café named Nola (1 house from here)

11:00 am: Visit Kim Ngan communal temple on 42-44 Hang Bac – the temple ancestor of the goldsmith in Hang Bac.

12h00 pm: Have lunch with Bun Dau Mam Tom in Phat Loc Lane, if you do not eat shrimp paste, you can call sauce instead. Be sure not to forget to add Cha Com (A common specialty of Hanoi).

12:45 pm: After lunch, you can relax in the Shot Café at 60 Phat Loc. It has open space and impressive decoration.

2:00 pm: You can continue the journey to visit Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake.

3:00 pm: If you like to watch the Water Puppet, you can buy tickets at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater that is located near Ngoc Son Temple.

4:00 pm: Buying gifts for relatives, eat Oc Luoc in Dinh Liet Street or drink Bia Hoi in Luong Ngoc Quyen.

7h00pm: Have Dinner with Stir-fried pig’s offal, fried Pho in Nguyen Sieu Street, or you can eat at Cha Ca Thang Long 21-31 Duong Thanh.

8h00pm: Take a stroll to enjoy Hanoi at night. If you go on the weekends, you can join the Night Market on Hang Ngang, Hang Dao. There are a lot of small things with good price as gifts for you and your relatives.

All the information above will help you imagine clearly what to do in Hanoi Old Quarter. Let’s come and enjoy.

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